VILLAGE OF PEWAUKEE - Two residents are seeking to bring quiet railroad crossings to the village.

Jim Robichaud and David Horning, have started a petition, "Bring Peace & Quiet To Our Village," on change.org.

Robichaud wrote that the village is the only Lake Country community without a quiet zone. He also noted that while other area communities have the same trains passing through, they also have quiet crossings.

He maintains that health issues come with the noise, along with a reduction in property values and quality of life.

Robichaud also said that while some might argue that train horns ensure public safety, there have been no safety problems in other Lake Country communities with quiet zones.

Horning said that the noise from train horns has slowed economic development, which contributes to higher taxes in the village.

And Horning, a business owner, also said it is hard for him to hear people on the phone when the train comes through.

"The main reason is that people don't want to come down here and invest when they can't talk to their clients or their customers when they have to stop talking when the train goes through," Horning said.

As of April 14, 210 people had signed their petition.

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Opposing views

Others don't see the train horns as a problem.

In a post on the Pewaukee Parents Facebook group, Teresa Hoff wrote that her family enjoys the trains, and in fact they were one of the reasons they moved to Lake Country.

Hoff's post also said the trains pre-date many who live in the area. "The trains were her first, long before you decided to purchase or rent your home," she wrote.

Jenna Anderson, an employee at Silly Willyz in downtown Pewaukee, echoed similar sentiments, and said that kids she has babysat for are accustomed to the train noise.

"They've grown up with it, and they're used to it," Anderson said, "but it's person-to-person too."

Ashley Trickey, an employee of Bank of Memories & Flowers, said that it was hard to sleep when she used to live in the village, and hard to hear customers when taking orders over the phone. But she doesn't think it affects the amount of business coming into the store.

n some cases, Trickey said, the trains have actually sent customers into the store. "Some people actually say 'Oh, well, saw the train coming in, knew I would be stopped for a while, so I decided to come in'," Trickey said. "Sometimes it's good."

What's next

The village is expected discuss quiet zones at its next board meeting, scheduled for 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 18. 

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