CITY OF PEWAUKEE - A city resident will get to keep her five dogs after showing the plan commission she was taking steps to control two of them after some of her neighbors complained.

Nancy Guerrero, who owns two pit bulls and three smaller dogs, had her application for a hobby kennel license approved on the condition it would be renewed each year and reviewed for any problems. The city requires such a license for anyone who wants to keep three or more dogs in their home.

The dogs were brought to the city's attention after it had received a complaint last year and this year from a couple of her neighbors about her two pit bulls being aggressive, according to city planner Harlan Clinkenbeard.

"That's why she's doing this," Clinkenbeard said during the plan commission meeting. "She wants to get rid of the complaints and control the dogs within her yard and not necessarily go out and walk the dogs. She'll take them to a doggy park. There's two or three doggy parks in the area she can take the dogs to. They can run and chase balls and stuff like that. That's her intent."

Guerrero said to the plan commission that she had her yard fenced, with the fencing within her yard, and takes her dogs inside when people are walking around outside.

"I want peace," Guerrero said.

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