Videotaped meetings could be in the Arrowhead School Board's future.

The board decided June 10 to have staff look further into the equipment needed and the costs and factors associated with finding a videorecording system for its meetings. 

According to School Board President Bob Rosch, most board members are open to the idea, but are questioning its necessity. 

"Everything that we do, we follow state law now," Rosch said. "This is not a requirement under state law to have to videorecord anything. Everybody is staying neutral right now until we see what the costs and the logistics of it (are) because it's not just a matter of turning something on. You have to have people manage the recordings and all that kind of stuff."

"Then there's recordkeeping needs because it's like our minutes. You have to leave them for so long."

Rosch said one of the main discussion points at the June 10 meeting was whether committee meetings would need to have the recording system set up in place. Rosch said most of the discussion on issues voted on by the regular board is done at the committee level. 

"It's not just a matter of the board meetings," Rosch said. "There's a lot of logistics. People are going to get bored pretty quickly watching board minutes (meetings) because there's basically a lot of motions to do this, aye to do that. There's not a lot of discussion going on because we've already discussed all that at the committee level."

"Since a lot of our board members attend most of the committee meetings, they're pretty well aware. They don't have a lot of questions to ask."

Rosch said the board will likely discuss the topic at its next meeting, scheduled for 7 p.m. July 12. 

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