CITY OF PEWAUKEE - Gas stations in the city may now apply for licenses to sell beer and/or alcohol, something they weren't able to do before. 

The common council approved the measure June 19, ending a long-standing ordinance that prohibited gas stations from selling alcohol and/or beer. 

As part of the process, the gas stations would have to get a zoning change approved by the plan commission, and then have their applications voted on by the common council.

The idea was brought to the council June 5, when the Kwik Trip at W229 N2086 Redford Blvd. sought to sell alcohol as part of its remodeling and addition. City officials decided to open the conversation to other stations, as well, inviting them to the meeting. 

"(City Clerk) Kelly (Tarczewski) was nice enough to contact the ones in our area. It was up to them to show up if they wanted to," Alderwoman Colleen Brown explained at the meeting. "If they didn't show up, at least Kelly did due diligence by letting them know this was available."

A representative for Kwik Trip said the measure would help increase the station's sales and retail offerings for customers, and would increase tax revenues for the city.

He said that the station has precautions in place, such as storing alcohol in secure areas after sale hours. Its point-of-sale system ensures products are sold during sales hours only, and scans IDs before completing a transaction. 

The representative also said that employees are trained in-house in alcohol and tobacco sales, and also go through the state's Learn2Serve training program. The store also performs its own ID compliance checks, and has a policy that spells out rewards for successful compliance checks and discipline for failed compliance checks. 


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