CITY OF PEWAUKEE - A city family will now be allowed to keep miniature goats on their property.

The common council on June 19 granted approval to Wolfgang and Alexandra Gaggl to keep no more than five miniature goats on their property on Oak Court, which was rezoned from residential to agricultural. 

A conditional-use permit regulates the Gaggls' goats: They must be kept in a certain area and out of the wetlands; they must be fenced in; additions may not be made to the house because it sits in a floodplain; shelters can be added to the yard; and a plan must be developed to handle waste. A friend of the Gaggls in Oconomowoc has offered to take the waste to their farm, according to City Administrator Scott Klein.

Klein said the goats provide some benefits for the family.

"Their benefit is that these goats, for whatever reason, love to eat things like buckthorn, so it clears out an invasive species, buckthorn and some other things," Klein said. 


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