VILLAGE OF PEWAUKEE - Emergency vehicles and traffic will have an easier time getting through Quinlan Drive thanks to a revised ordinance.

The village board approved the change unanimously on July 6. The change extends the prohibited parking zone on the west side of Quinlan Drive to 400 feet north of West Wisconsin Avenue while leaving unchanged the no-parking restriction on the east side of the street to 40 feet north of West Wisconsin Avenue.

The suggestion was brought to the village's attention by a concerned resident, who had it reviewed by village Public Works Director and Engineer Dan Naze, as well as Village of Pewaukee Police Officer Steven Chochola. Both found merit in the concerns. 

In Chocola's report to the village, he wrote that a bottleneck forms as one turns from Quinlan Drive onto West Wisconsin Avenue. Not only was it a hindrance to general traffic flow, Chocola wrote, but it also caused safety concerns for emergency response personnel and those who use the street for parking. With cars on both sides of the street, only one car at a time could pass through.

Chocola wrote that ambulances and fire engines only had just over a foot of operating room on either side of them. Police vehicles only had just over 3 feet of operating room on either side of the vehicles.

"This makes it very difficult to not only operate the vehicles on the roadway, but also to use the equipment from the vehicles, as there is no room to operate the equipment," Chocola wrote. "This is a major problem, as it hinders our abilities to perform the tasks that help provide for a safe environment for the public."

With the ordinance revision now passed, Village of Pewaukee Police Chief Jay Iding said the bottleneck issue would be resolved.

"We're not going to have that bottleneck, that obstruction, getting emergency vehicles through that area if need be," Iding said. "That, in itself, obviously is going to assist us in our response time getting to whatever area in the village that we're going to need to get to coming off of West Wisconsin Avenue onto Quinlan, or coming down Quinlan onto West Wisconsin Avenue. It's going to expedite things for the police department and the fire department."


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