VILLAGE OF PEWAUKEE - For those who enjoy sitting outside and having a bite to eat looking out at Pewaukee Lake,  Artisan 179 and Seester's Mexican Cantina will be able to provide more of that opportunity now. 

The decision was approved, 4-0, by the plan commission July 13; three members were absent.

The remaining commissioners' decision means that Artisan 179 will be able to set up 10 additional tables and 60 additional seats, and Seester's Mexican Cantina will be able to set up 12 additional tables and 60 additional seats in the alleyway between their restaurants.

"I honestly think that it's a great opportunity for the entire community because it's giving a lot of the other businesses and all the people in the area an opportunity to see that we're doing things in the right direction," said Artisan 179 co-owner Ted Anderson.

"We're super excited for this opportunity," Seester's bartender Sam Hett said. "It would definitely open up more seating and more dining. A big thing for us in the plans was a social seating area where you can also wait for a table, especially in the summer months. That's an issue that we have is people waiting for tables out front. This would give them an opportunity to relieve some of that congestion, relax and enjoy the beach as well, and the beautiful view."

Anderson also said the outdoor seating would be aesthetically pleasing and would draw people from around Pewaukee and the rest of Lake Country. The Artisan 179 co-owner said that summer is short, and people being outside while they're able. Sometimes, Anderson said, there's more than an hour wait for outdoor seating, which people don't mind waiting for, he said. 

"It's going to be so inviting to pass it by in the car because we're going to have the fire pits going," Anderson said. "At nighttime, you're going to be able to go out there and have cocktails and see the beautiful view of the lake. Having cocktails by the fire pit. The tables themselves will be available for everyone to dine in."

Both restaurants also sought to use the east and rear parking lot for up to 10 outdoor events this year, but decided to withdraw that portion before the July 13 meeting.

"We decided they would probably get a little scared because of the parking situation, because I know that's a big, big part of the planning commission on them feeling that there's not enough parking," Anderson said. "We didn't want to get ahead of ourselves."


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