TOWN OF MERTON - The Arrowhead School Board formally approved new public comment protocols that allow for limited interaction between board members and the public at its meeting Wednesday, Aug. 9.

Along with the new protocols, the board made a language change in the policy to have it say "Communications from the Public." The board also created brochures spelling out the new policy to be available for the public starting at the board's September meeting. That same information will also be available on the school's website. 

"A lot of times, people just have a question to ask," Arrowhead School Board president Bob Rosch said. "This allows me as the board president to respond or to have somebody else respond to the question or whatever. So there's a little bit more communication there. We still have to be careful so we don't violate any open meetings laws, but it allows for a little bit more interaction if anybody's there and wants to comment on something."

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