CITY OF PEWAUKEE - The common council reversed a 2013 ruling at its meeting Monday, Aug. 7, that had prohibited the city's public works department from spending money to alleviate flooding issues in the Takoma Hills neighborhood. 

Council members approved the city to spend money as is allowed under the city's budget process to test out possible solutions to the flooding issue.

Funds include surveying, modeling, test-holing utilities and engineering, whether done in-house or by a consultant.

Public Works Director Jeff Weigel said he would look to get some of the work done this year. Otherwise, he'll make a request for it in the 2018 budget.

Weigel said flooding has been caused by storm water coming out at Ruben and Lexington Drive, flooding the streets with a foot of water and roadside ditches with four or five feet of water.

This year, July rains caused significant flooding, again.

In November 2013, Weigel reported to the common council that the solution would cost $800,000 to $900,000 and still not take care of all the flooding issues.

It gave the council the option to approve the construction of one or two large drainage pipes, with the two drainage pipe option calling for the elimination of roadside ditches.

"The council, during that meeting, then told us not to spend any more money on it, but to come back with a solution when we were ready to repave the road," Weigel said. "Well, here we are four or five years later, and a few floods later. I was asking 'This is probably the only project where I have specific orders not to spend any money.'"



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