Students in Megan Swift’s sixth grade class at Section Elementary School wrote “I am Poems” at the beginning of the year. They had to follow a particular format when writing these poems.

I am Poem

By Kendal Schreiber

I am intelligent, humorous

I wonder how many hairs are on my head

I hear guinea pigs squeaking

I see glowing pineapples

I want long hair that never gets tangled

I am talented, fashionable

I pretend to have a YouTube channel

I feel related to fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows

I touch velvety red dresses

I worry that I forgot something

I cry about my flaws

I am weird, creative

I understand that words can be very hurtful

I say God’s not dead

I dream about flying

I try to sing better

I hope that I can get a good grade on my first math test

I am hardworking, groovy

I am Poem

By Ainsley Goelz

I am kind and smart.

I wonder how words were created.

I hear the wind blowing.

I see the bright sun.

I want a phone.

I am kind and smart.

I pretend to be a princess with my sister.

I feel scratchy wood.

I touch my dog.

I worry I won’t get good grades.

I cry when I get hurt.

I am kind and smart.

I understand I have really dark blonde hair.

I say that there’s a rainbow around every corner.

I dream that I will go to college.

I try to get good grades.

I hope to make friends.

I am kind and smart.

I am Poem

By Brooke Rydeski

I am sweet and honest

I wonder if humpback whales sleep

I hear ocean waves

I see Fort Myers Beach

I want to be a billionaire

I am sweet and honest

I pretend to be a doctor

I feel happy

I touch softness

I worry when people get bullied

I cry when there is a sad story

I am sweet and honest

I understand that the old days were not fair

I say that I believe in God

I dream that I am a billionaire

I try to make Section a better school

I hope to become a doctor when I am older

I am sweet and honest

I am Poem

By Piper Baker

I am unique and athletic,

I wonder who came up with softball,

I hear the sun crackling in the morning,

I see a pink snake,

I want to get no broken bones/limbs,

I am unique and athletic,

I pretend to be in charge of my brothers,

I feel a fuzzy touch,

I touch a unicorn's mane,

I worry about something happening while I’m asleep,

I cry when I get seriously injured,

I am unique and athletic,

I understand the importance of education,

I say to be kind to everybody,

I dream about going to college,

I try to be the best I can be,

I hope for world peace,

I am unique and athletic.

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