Students in Lori Wagner's fourth-grade class at Prairie View Elementary played with poetry recently.

Listen to the Cello

By Martina Smith

Listen to the cello,

With its beautiful sound.

Listen to the cello,

As someone spins you around.

Listen to the cello,

With a happy feeling.

Listen to the cello,

When you're dreaming.

Listen to the cello,

As you say goodnight.

Listen to the cello,

When you fly a kite.

Listen to the cello,

Where Jesus lay.

Listen to the cello,

As you jump in hay.

The Test

By Alyssa Hughes

Here it comes watch out,

It's getting ready to bite.

It's coming fast don't doubt,

Make sure you get it right.

It's creeping up your shoulder,

You're givin' it now.

It's like a big boulder.

You did it, take a bow.

He Shoots He Scores!

By Max Neumuth

He stepped on the ice, the crowd went wild.

His shots are strong, not weak or mild.

He gets the puck, no time to waste,

So down the ice he quickly skates.

A breakaway pass, he's in front of them all,

He's really hoping not to fall

With no one around he shoots, he scores!

Then everyone in the crowd roars!

Winter is......

By Lauren Smith


And frozen lakes

Snowball fights

With chilly nights

Skates and skis

Evergreen trees

Chimneys steaming

Everyone's dreaming

You Can

By Haylee R Neumann

Never say you can't.

Because you can.

The effort you put in comes

Back in the end.

It may be hard,

It may seem impossible.

It may be a task too hard to tackle.

So put your mind to it,

And you will win!

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