Three candidates will be on the April ballot for two town of Mukwonago supervisor seats. Timothy Gorsuch is challenging incumbents Peter Topczewski and Richard Wrasman for a spot on the town board.

All three are long-time town of Mukwonago residents who consider the rural atmosphere of the town important. They bring a wealth of business and municipal experience to the ballot to navigate the turbulent waters of providing services under tight municipal budgets.

If elected what skills will you bring to the town board?

Tim Gorsuch: Thirty years business experience ranging from running multimillion -dollar corporations with a background in finance.

Peter Topczewski: The ability to listen to others, recognize issues and weigh the pros and cons of decisions on issues. I can set aside my personal beliefs and analyze issues based upon what is best for the town. I also have an ability to find common ground, bring people to a consensus and continue moving forward completing the town's business.

Richard Wrasman: Business and leadership skills demonstrated by years with General Electric, time as trustee treasurer and temporary business manager for St. James Parish. During two years on the Town Board while serving as chairperson of Finance and Personnel we planned and executed a major road improvement program while being fiscally responsible and balancing budgets.

What value do you put on maintaining a rural atmosphere in the town?

Gorsuch:  Being a resident in the community for the last 18 years, I have enjoyed the charm of the rural atmosphere. I have high regards in maintaining those qualities in the township.

Topczewski:  The rural character of the town is important to me. It’s why I became involved in town government. In the early 2000s, the town implemented numerous ordinance changes that provided valuable tools to better control growth and get the best developments in the town, consistent with maintaining the rural character.

Wrasman: The rural atmosphere was one of the main reasons our family moved here 38 years ago. Over the years the town has been able to maintain that, and it is a priority of mine. As a residential community, any future commercial development should be such as to retain that atmosphere.

How can the town continue to provide the same services without raising taxes?

Gorsuch: I think the town needs leadership that will eliminate wasteful spending, look for efficiencies to reduce costs and better negotiate contracts for services to avoid raising taxes.

Topczewski: There are no magic bullets when it comes to maintaining the town budget and level of services provided. State law now mandates the rate at which the town budget can increase. We must continue to be vigilant in continuously reviewing the needs of the town and be fiscally responsible with the resources available.

Wrasman: The town must provide for the safety and well-being of residents including viable police and fire protection, maintaining roads, offering parks and recreational facilities and programs.  It’s the responsibility of the board to assure these goals are met within a realistic budget.  Federal and State contributions and restraints, changing demands and priorities could have a tax impact.

Tim Gorsuch

Age: 59 

Address:  S78 W29728 Crossgate Drive

Political History: None 

Peter Topczewski

Age: 63

Address: S71 W32398 Meadow Court.

Political history: Town of Mukwonago supervisor since 1999

Phone: 262-392-9859

Email: peter.topczewski@libertymutual.com

Richard Wrasman

Age:  77

Address:  W326S7506 Squire Ln. 

Political history:  Two years as town supervisor.  Elected to the Mukwonago Town Board in 2015.

Phone:  414-491-9250

Email:  rwrasman@wi.rr.com

Education:  Master’s degree in Business from Indiana University, Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Youngstown State University.

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