EAGLE - The Eagle man who made $41,492 in fraudulent refunds pleaded not guilty on Thursday, April 20 in Waukesha County Court. Ryan M. Krocka, 35, waived his right to a preliminary hearing and was bound for trail.

Krocka was charged with theft — false representation for crimes which occurred in Waukesha and Milwaukee counties and selling gift cards at a lower cost to make a profit.

According to the criminal complaint, the city of Waukesha Police Department was contacted by the corporate investigator of the Northern Division from Home Depot who stated that there was a refund fraud involving Krocka.

The criminal complaint said Krocka allegedly would go into Home Depot Stores and return items at the customer service desk for gift cards.

The complaint said he admitted to took merchandise from the Home Depot Stores located in Waukesha, Delafield, Mukwonago, West Allis and Wauwatosa without paying for the items and returned the items for store credit.

Krocka stated he would then sell the cards for 50 cents to 60 cents on the dollar. He stated that he would advertise these gift cards on Craigslist

Krocka would split his returns into two different in-store credit cards to keep the values on the cards low enough to avoid detection.

The complaint said Krocka admitted to attempting this at Lowe’s on one occasion and loss prevention made contact with him. He also admitted to using heroin.

No future court date has been set. 

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