Residents in a quiet neighborhood didn't have the best start to the weekend.

The Mukwonago Police Sgt. Chris DeMotto said between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. Friday, April 21, a dozen homes and vehicles were vandalized in the 1200 block of River Park Circle West.

DeMotto said 12 vandalism incidents were reported in River Park Estates.

"Officers are following up on a lead, however,  no suspects at this time.  It is possible there is more than one suspect," said Police Chief Kevin Schmidt.

A suspect or suspects used black and blue spray paint to plaster racial slurs and graphic drawings on sidewalks, garages, and cars.

Deb Deleon was walking around the neighborhood to survey the damages. Like many other people around the area, she is asking why.

"It is terrible. My husband is Latino and we have family members who are African-American. It (the racial slurs) doesn't belong here," Deleon said.

Jeffrey Gawronski described the neighbors as friendly and kind.

"I'm not happy at all. I've never had any problems until this," Gawronski said.

His garage was tagged and his son's brand new car also was vandalized. Gawronski recalled his 7-month-old pit bull going back and forth around 2 a.m. Gawronski normally takes his dog in the front entry, but last night was the first time he didn't.

"It never dawned on me and she kept going back and forth," he said.

Gawronski pointed to other damage around the neighborhood. The spray paint he tried to clean up was stuck to his fingertips.

In front of a teacher's home, the sidewalk was sprayed painted with "(expletive) Muk."

Once the police track down the suspects, Gawronski wants to press charges. He also wants the parents to pay for the cost of repairs.

The Mukwonago resident works in Chicago and grew up in Milwaukee. Gawronski suspects the graffiti is the work of youngsters. "The way it was written, I'm used to seeing tagging and this looks juvenile to me, " Gawronski said.

He was upset by the racial slurs sprayed on sidewalks and garages. He remembered growing up in Milwaukee and hanging with a diverse group of friends.

"It is different today, there is a problem now. What is the solution?"

Helping a fellow neighbor

Diane Lewis pulled into her driveway with her younger son. She was one of the lucky ones whose home was not targeted. Lewis woke up at 9 a.m. and noticed some of the homes. She said there are not many lights and it gets dark in the area at night.

"We have motion lights and if you come up to the driveway, they go on. Our cars were parked in the garage," she said.

Lewis has a teenage son who will look on social media and keep an eye out for anyone bragging about the incident.

For now the neighborhood was on clean up duty.

"We are trying to see if we can help our neighbors," Lewis said.

Lewis has a power washer and wanted to try and scrub off the graffiti on the sidewalk and garage door.

"There was a dad and his two little kids walking with buckets earlier. They were trying to help the little older lady," Lewis said.

While there is a bruise in the form of black and blue spray paint, the residents are coming together in true Mukwonago spirit.

If anyone has information contact the village of Mukwonago Police Department at  262-363-6435.

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