The Eagle Police Department is warning residents about two phone scams.

In the first scam, a caller states he or she is from Publisher's Clearing House. The caller states the resident won $2.5 million and a Lincoln. 


The caller asks the resident to pay a certain amount and send cash to them to receive the payment. 

"Unfortunately, we have had people in our community fall for this scam and are out of hundreds of dollars that we cannot get back," according to police. 

In the second scam, the caller claims to be from the IRS and says there is a warrant out for your arrest. The caller threatens if the resident doesn't pay a certain amount of money, he or she will be arrested. 

Police said that if residents think there might be a warrant out for their arrest, they should contact the police department to verify it. 

 The Eagle Police Department can be reached at 262-594-2400. 

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