Eagle Elementary School suffered significant smoke damage after an early morning fire on Thursday, July 13.  

While district officials hope to have repairs done and the building open in time for the first day of school, as scheduled, on Tuesday, Sept. 5, a contingency plan is being prepared. 

Registration previously scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 9, will likely be rescheduled and relocated. Details are still being worked out.

District Administrator Steven M. Bloom shared the news on a post on the district's Facebook page. 

No one was inside the building, and no one was harmed as a result of the incident, he wrote.


Smoke in the building triggered the building's alarm system. District maintenance, custodial and administrative staff responded, as did local fire and law enforcement officials.

Bloom wrote that the alarm system itself was fully functional and operated as designed. 

An investigation is underway to determine the cause of the fire and the full extent of damages. 

The post said that access to the school is limited because of the nature of the fire and associated smoke damage. 

"We are thankful for the rapid and professional response of fire and law enforcement officials who quickly assessed and responded to the emergency," the post said. 

"We are confident in the professional resources that school officials have accessed and will rely upon their judgment after an assessment of the situation has been made," the post said. 

Bloom told a reporter Monday that there is no additional information beyond what he posted on Facebook.

"We were told it could take up to a week or more before additional details were known," he said. 


Recovery efforts

Recovery efforts have begun under the direction of Kelmann Restoration.

The work is to ensure that the school is safe for use by students and staff members so that the start to the new school year .

Technology devices and library books and other materials have been boxed and sent out for cleaning and restoration. Anything deemed to be hazardous or unusable will not be returned to the school.

A room-by-room removal of furnishings, curricular and instructional materials, and other items is underway at this time as well.  

 The Eagle Fire Department was unavailable for comment. 

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