An intoxicated man complained to police about a local establishment’s refusal to serve him.

The man, 39, stopped by the village Mukwonago Police Department at about 9:30 p.m. July 13 to make the complaint.

According to the police department blotter, the man said that local establishments refused to serve him alcohol, stating he was too intoxicated.

The man told the officer a bartender told him that if he gave him his car keys to hold onto, the bartender would continue to serve him.

The officer explained to the man that there are laws against overserving.

The man was upset and left on foot, according to police

About 20 minutes later, officers were dispatched to a male walking in the middle Highway 83.

Officers discovered it was the same man; he told them he was walking in the middle of the road so police would be called. He was uncooperative and eventually arrested for disorderly conduct, according to police. 

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