A school bus and an SUV were involved in an accident this morning at Bay Shore Circle and Lake Drive in the Town of Oconomowoc.

The incident occurred at approximately 7 a.m.; about a dozen students were  on the bus being transported to Oconomowoc High School and Nature Hill Intermediate School.

“We had one student with minor injuries and the driver sustained some injuries and was transported. We don’t know the details,” said Sandy Syburg of Oconomowoc Transport, the bus company for the Oconomowoc Area School District.

The student was transported home from the scene by a parent, he said.

According to Syburg, the driver of the SUV was also transported to the hospital, but the passenger in that vehicle was not.

“The bus did not sustain major damage, as is often the case with a bus, and none of the injuries were determined to be critical or life threatening in nature,” he added.

Syburg said he does not know the cause of the accident.

“Our first priority was the safety and well-being of the students and obviously the drivers and/or passengers of both vehicles," he said. "That was the primary response effort at the time we were out at the scene. Because both drivers were transported, we don’t have statements from either of them yet.”

Kate Winckler, director of communications and marketing for the school district said the event was not an emergency.

“There was an accident involving bus #12 on its route to school," she said. "The route was completed by another bus after the accident, so not all students were necessarily impacted.

"There are no serious student injuries.  At this point, we do not have information on the status of the bus driver. All students have been shuttled to Nature Hill and to the high school, and they are going to class now.

"Our health rooms are on alert should students experience symptoms throughout the day that require medical attention.  Parents may contact the bus company or school office if you have questions.”

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