Student's article should have been shredded, not honored

To the editor,

I always look forward to the Chief (Mukwonago) and the Chief Sunday, especially Carol’s (Spaeth-Bauer) photos and Scott’s (Peterson) wit. However, to my utter dismay the Jan. 1 student writer (Pages 6 and 7) article was offensive. I am a Christian and honor God’s name. I call on friends (or anyone) when they use His sacred name in vain.

At first I thought it was a genuine reference to Jesus. As I read further, I realized it was said in vain: “Jesus, this girl’s an overconfident …” “Jesus, It’s 3  in the morning.”

Really Mukwonago High School? Second place? Really, Chief? Not at least edited out. This whole paper should have been shredded when any teacher or editor read it.

I guess she was making a good point. (I am a dog lover, especially goldens!) But I couldn’t even finish the piece because it disappointed me — no, enraged me! — that a responsible publication like the Chief would print it. And don’t even get me started on MHS and award-giving.

This is wrong to accept and should be dealt with … not published or awarded.

Take out the Lord’s name, and I am sure it could have won first place.

Who is the Judge … people? Who cares?

I think not. It is and always will be God, and going directly against the 10 Commandments will carry its price.

Bonita Leiszter


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