Dear Editor and Arrowhead district,

On April 4, I am voting for Braden Pusch for the Arrowhead School Board, and this is why:

1.)  Braden is energetic, enthusiastic, determined, and wants to give back to make his alma mater the best high school in the state.

2.)  Braden has many fresh ideas and wants to bring about positive change.  For example, he would like to video record all school board meetings and publish them on YouTube so that residents have the option of really hearing the discussions, not just reading the abbreviated minutes. Other districts do this. Transparency ensures adequate analysis and scrutiny.

3.)  Braden wants to break up the referendum initiatives and maintenance into smaller projects and focus on competitive bidding, sponsorships, and advertising to reduce costs.

4.)  Braden understands that overzealous initiatives become the taxpayer’s burden.

5.)  As a member of Broadway Company, choir and other extracurriculars, Braden wants to focus on improvements and a budget which benefit all of the students in the district.

6.)  Braden excelled academically and he wants to make sure that his successors have that same opportunity.  He wants to ensure that academics are never downplayed in the budget, but he also wants to be sure that every student has this opportunity.

Please think about how important this election is for our students and for our taxpayers.   Please get out and vote for Braden Pusch.

Early ballots are available at village/town halls now through March 31, for most polling places, with a photo ID.

Teri Sippel Schmidt

Town of Merton

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