The family business may be football in the Watt household. Consider the shot put to be the family side project.

Youngest brother TJ got the last word in 2013 when he won the Division 2 state championship in the shot put in 60-0 ½, matching the state titles brought in by brothers Derek (2010) and JJ (2007). But perhaps more importantly, he ended his career with the Pewaukee school record, bypassing both brothers and father, John, finishing with a mark of 60-2 recorded in the sectional.

"(There was) a little bit (of pressure), but they're all behind me," T.J. said at the time. "I have the school record now, so I'm happy about that."

Derek won the 2011 title in 57-5. His final throw, after the state championship had been sewn up, cleared 60 feet and eclipsed the mark set by his older brother, but an official ruled that his heel hit the toeboard for a disqualification.

“I took third the year before as a junior (at state), and (JJ) was there watching,” Derek said. “There was no doubt I was trying to break his school record. It was a competition in that aspect.

“JJ picked it up his senior year, and with his sheer size and strength, he was able to (be successful),” Derek added. “My dad, he had the Pewaukee indoor shot put record and discus record, and he got me and TJ going a little bit younger, in middle school and high school. It was something that he could help us out with; he was a great coach. We were able to build up that skill set and become extremely successful early on. I wouldn’t say there was pressure, but I wanted to be the best regardless.”

JJ, who threw 59-11 ¼ for the 2007 state title, was the one who first eclipsed John’s old record of 54-5, and he makes sure to remind his brothers that he didn’t have the same years of training.

“I hold it over my brothers that they got to do it for many years,” JJ said. “I only got to do it for one track season and had a couple months to learn it.”

“The kid from Catholic Memorial (Mark McMullen) always had better numbers than me all years, even at regional,” he added. “I wasn’t even honestly expecting to win; then we got there, and I threw 3 feet farther than my best ever. I don’t know what happened. The adrenaline was flowing, I don’t know what it was. Something about the state meet brings it out of you.”

Both John and his brother, Al, placed fifth at the state meet in the event during their time at PHS.