Here's everything I know about the world of sports. I thought you should know it too.

How about those Green Bay Packers! Two months ago, they were left for dead after  sporting a 4-6 record. A lot of fans were calling for Mike McCarthy's job and wondering what was going on with Aaron Rodgers. Well, those two guys righted the apparent sinking ship and now find themselves playing at Dallas on Sunday in the NFC second round. I think the Cowboys could be in trouble. Just saying.

Monday's NCAA championship college football game was a classic, going down to the final second as Clemson upset mighty Alabama, 35-31, with a last-second touchdown. Clemson never got the respect they deserved all year.

Speaking of Clemson, I said all season that quarterback Deshaun Watson was the best player in the country. How did he not win the coveted Heisman Trophy? I'll tell you why. The trophy is given out before the bowl games are played. And that's wrong. Had the vote been taken after Monday's title game,  Watson would be the winner. Maybe it's time the Heisman committee makes that change. Watson deserved the award based on his full body of work. Look what he did to the heralded Alabama defense.

When all is said and done, will San Antonio Spurs coach Greg Popovich go down as one of the top two or three coaches in NBA history? I sure hope so. This guy wins with whatever personnel he's dealt. Despite losing Tim Duncan this year, the Spurs are 30-7, a better mark than  the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers.

It's showtime for Dallas Cowboys rookie quarterback Dak Prescott on Sunday. He's played great all season. But now he's going to be on the biggest stage he's ever been on. It should be interesting to see how he performs. If he delivers another big performance, the Cowboys are going to be very good for a long time. If's he's struggling, will they pull him and put Tony Romo into the game? Could be interesting.

College men's basketball looks like it's going to enjoy another highly competitive season. Like always, the NCAA tournament is going to be outstanding. Right now, I see as many as 12 teams that could win it all. Maybe more.

Will the Milwaukee Brewers pitching staff be strong enough and consistent enough for them to play .500 baseball this upcoming season? I think they have a decent shot.

Down to the final eight teams in the NFL playoffs, here's how I would rank those that remain: New England on top followed in order by Dallas, Pittsburgh, Green Bay, Atlanta, Kansas City, Seattle and Houston. How do you line up the eight?

Let me ask you something. With Aaron Rodgers at quarterback, are Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, Davante Adams, Jared Cook and Richard Rodgers the best group of receivers on any team in the NFL? I think so.

Did anybody out there ever think that Giannis Antetokounmpo would ever develop into one of the best players in the NBA so quickly? I know I didn't. This guy has special gifts. And how good is Jabari Parker also playing? Let's hope the Bucks can keep these guys in town for a lot of years.