The Sobczak sisters play aggressive basketball. The two are the top scorers for the Oconomowoc girls basketball team this season with Olivia, a freshman, averaging 15.5 points per game, while Audrey, a junior, scores 11.9 a contest.

That aggressiveness was harnessed, more or less, through years of playing each other one on one.

"We hold nothing back against each other," Audrey said. "Which isn't the best sometimes."

When playing against each other a year ago, Audrey ended up in the emergency room when the two got a little too physical and her sunglasses cut her cheek open. Stitches were required.

Olivia admits the aggressiveness is heightened when the two play each other outside of a traditional basketball court.

"There's a little pushing (on the court) of course, but when we're just playing street ball outside, it gets a little more physical," Olivia said. "We usually end up in a fight once in a while, getting mad at each other."

By comparison, opposing teams may know a little about the aggressive play the Sobczaks have dealt out to each other over the years. This season, the Raccoons are 5-6 overall with a 3-2 record in the Wisconsin Little Ten Conference.

Last season, OHS went 7-16 overall and entered the year with its top returning scorer, Remi Larson, already done for the season because of a torn knee. Larson's absence left a void, and Audrey soon found she would be the one to partially fill it.

"It was kind of intimidating," Audrey said of her first year on varsity. "I had no idea what to expect. I kind of knew coming in the team would need another leader to step up. It just happened where I had to step up a little. Being a sophomore was kind of scary being a part of it. I do think with the support of my teammates and playing with them, it worked out great."

Audrey was named second-team All Conference and led the team in scoring with 9.7 points a game. She also knew her younger sister would be capable of joining her on varsity when she was eligible.

"She is super aggressive," Audrey said. "She finds ways to always get open, always get to the basket. She works her butt off. She loves the sport, so her passion is so strong. That helps her a lot. She has always wanted to be a part of it and has dedicated her time to getting better. I knew it was going to work out for her."

It was no surprise to Audrey when Olivia made varsity, and Audrey definitely wasn't shocked when her sister made quite an impact early on. Against Slinger on Dec. 22, Audrey played well early on but fouled out in regulation with 14 points.

Olivia filled her sister's scoring absence with two last-second shots in the game, which included a game-winning layup with 2 seconds remaining in double overtime.

"The pace of the game is a lot quicker," Olivia said. "Defensively, you have to be a lot quicker on your feet, always having your hands up. I know I get stuck with my fouls and stuff, and I'm still working on that."

Olivia has become Oconomowoc's de facto point guard, even if it's not her natural position. When asked what her natural position is, Olivia, who's listed at 5-11, wasn't exactly sure.

That versatility may fluster some teams, especially since Audrey and others, like senior Haley Fulton, are so reliable on the floor.

"I feel like I have a connection with her," Olivia said of Audrey. "I can trust her with anything. I know if I'm going to give the ball inside to her, she's going to do amazing things. If she gets stuck, I can get open or another teammate can get open. We've always got each other's back. We've got a pretty good connection. If she misses a shot, I'll be there to get the rebound. If I miss my shot, she'll be there to get the rebound."

When not on the court, the two are still immersed in basketball.

"It's always basketball at home," Audrey said. "We're always reflecting on how our games went, what we did good, what we can improve on. We always help each other out. That includes my dad talking to both of us. Basketball is one of our main topics at the kitchen table every day."

Both will be back when Oconomowoc moves to the Classic 8 Conference next season, but these two years together will certainly not be lost on the sisters.

"I definitely think it's a special time for us," Olivia said. "I think we're getting closer together. All the long car rides and buses, I get to know her better and her personality. We're very similar. I love her and it's awesome."